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Britemax Winter Protection Guide

Winter can be the most damaging time of year unless of course, you are lucky enough to have a heated garage…

Your car’s paint, tyres, glass plastic and other surfaces are at the mercy of the elements. We're talking wind, rain, sleet, snow, drizzle, dirt and of course the dreaded salt!

Get prepared this winter and protect your pride and joy with the Britemax Winter Protection Guide. For ultimate protection follow all steps, for general protection follow Steps 1, 2, 4 & 5.


Start by using Britemax Grime Out degreaser, this product quickly dissolves engine grease, embedded dirt in rubber, bugs, road tar, salt spray and hard water spots on glass.

Give a good spray all over and leave for a few minutes, don’t forget tyres, under arches, window trim, door mirrors, frames, gulleys and drainage holes. If grease or brake dust is heavy, agitate with a soft bristle brush.

Use Britemax Iron Max on wheels to remove iron contaminants & brake dust, Iron Max can also be used on the bodywork.

Rinse thoroughly with water or a high-pressure jet wash. Grime Out is safe to use on chrome, stainless steel, coated & painted wheels. (Not to be used on bare uncoated aluminium unless you plan to polish afterwards)



Having now removed all the dirt and contaminants, it’s now time for a good shampoo all over using Britemax Clean Max or Britemax Pure Max.

See Britemax Pure Max Shampoo Review by Tranquility Base Detailing on our videos page here


Now it’s time to remove any remaining bonded contaminants using the Britemax CLAYMAX clay bar. Form bar into smaller palm-sized pieces and use a lube to glide the bar across the surface of the paint until smooth. CLAYMAX can be worked with just tap water but for best results, we recommend the use of Iron Max (wear gloves). Continuously kneed clay to reveal a fresh clean surface. Discard bar if dropped on the ground. Finish with a rinse or light wash.

For more detail on using our clay bar view How to use Britemax Iron Max as a Clay Lube by Forensic Detailing on our videos page here.



The next step would be to polish using Britemax Black Max, a polymer-based ultra-fine polishing glaze. Suitable for use on all colours and is completely dust free. Works like a pre-wax cleaner removing micro surface imperfection and oxidation.

Black Max contains no silicone or waxes and lays down a non-protective polymer coat which improves the bonding and ultimately the durability of your chosen wax or polymer sealant.

Alternatively, use Britemax Virtue, a silica primer finishing polish designed to leave painted surfaces with a high gloss finish, ready to be sealed. Featuring a blend of durable resins that produce unparalleled levels of gloss and nano-tech quartz technology.

Virtue contains fine abrasives manufactured to remove light swirls and scratches, whilst leaving behind semi-permanent fillers to create the perfect finish.

Both Black Max and Virtue can be used by machine or hand.


The final step is to protect and seal your car. We recommend using Extreme Elements 2.0 or Vantage Wax. Extreme Elements 2.0's new and improved VOC compliant formulation is a super durable resin polymer sealant that offers a new dimension in durability, gloss and protection.

Breakthrough technology allows us to load this product with 7 times (700%) more resin than the original. Our new resin enforced product now provides incredible protection whilst adding depth of shine and warmth to painted surfaces.

This provides EE 2.0 with outstanding levels of water beading and protection against corrosion, oxidation, UV rays and surface contaminants. Protects your vehicle month, after month against arid climates, acid rain, bird droppings and salt water.

Britemax Extreme Elements 2.0 is the closest rival to the protection of a ceramic coating in an easy to apply cream based product.

Britemax Vantage is a premium carnauba wax suitable for all paint types and colours that require a high gloss finish. It combines a high content of #1-grade Brazilian carnauba wax and polymers, engineered to deliver incredible wetness and depth of shine with superb durability and protection.

Britemax Vantage can be used as a final wax or as a topping over any Britemax polymer sealant based product


Metal - Don't forget any chrome grills and those exhausts, for brilliant cleaning and shine use Britemax Metal Twins, Easy Cut & Final Shine...

- For faded grills and trim use Britemax Trim Max. Watch the video by Tranquility Base Detailing here.

- Clean up oxidised plastic with Britemax Perfect Prep, followed by Virtue and Extreme Elements 2.0



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