Allstar Steel Wool Pads #00 Very Fine

Allstar Steel Wool Pads #00 Very Fine

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Steel Wool Pads for Polishing & Restoring Metals

  • #00 Very fine grade
  • 16 pads per pack
  • Restore & polish metals
  • Removes stains from wood
  • Helps with burn marks on leather
  • Also available in #000 & #0000 grades

They are designed for restoring and polishing bright metals like aluminium, brass and copper.

Perfect for polishing and cleaning all metal surfaces like exhaust trims, wheels etc. Can also be used to remove burn marks from leather.

When working with steel wool, stay away from live electrical currents. Always wear gloves and protective eyewear. Test pad in a small inconspicuous area to determine best hand pressure for the job.