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Britemax Virtue Si02 High Gloss Primer Car Polish
Britemax Virtue Si02 High Gloss Primer Car Polish TRADE 1 US Gallon
Britemax Virtue Si02 High Gloss Primer Car Polish
Britemax Virtue Si02 High Gloss Primer Car Polish

Britemax Virtue Si02 High Gloss Primer Car Polish

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Ceramic Car Coating Preparation Polish

Britemax Virtue Si02 Primer Polish 473ml

  • Ceramic coating preparation
  • Adds a protective layer of Si02
  • Super hydrophobic finish
  • Produces extreme levels of gloss
  • Contains semi-permanent fillers
  • Use with Dual Action (DA), rotary or hand polisher


Understanding the finer points of applying a ceramic coating to your car might initially seem confusing. However, that need not be the case. Britemax Virtue is a Si02 High Gloss Primer Polish which is similar in nature to Britemax Black Max, it is suitable for use by both enthusiasts and detailing industry professionals alike. Britemax Virtue is a ceramic coating preparation formula which leaves painted surfaces with a high gloss finish, ready for them to be sealed. It can be applied either by machine, with for example a Dual Action (DA) or rotary polisher, or by hand.

Like some of its stablemates, Britemax Virtue contains silica – an inorganic ceramic compound that leaves surfaces silky smooth and glass-like in appearance. But what is Si02? Put simply it is the chemical formula for silicon dioxide or silica. Silicon dioxide is most commonly found in nature as the mineral quartz, the second most abundant mineral in the Earth's crust. Britemax Virtue's formula takes advantage of these naturally abundant properties to impart a protective layer of Si02 onto your vehicle, which helps it to be the best silicon dioxide high gloss primer polish on the market.

The perfect preparation product for use in advance of Britemax's Amethyst and Igneous ceramic coatings, Britemax Virtue features a blend of durable resins that produce unparalleled levels of gloss and nano-tech quartz technology. Nano coatings fuse with the surface they are treating to form a lasting, high gloss, protective layer capable of repelling water and offering protection from contaminants. Virtue's use of this fascinating modern technology ensures that it is what industry experts term "super hydrophobic" – which in layman's terms means that it boasts 'next level' water-repelling characteristics. In dispelling water and harmful contaminants, a ceramic coating offers protection, the higher its hydrophobic qualities the more capable it is at achieving that task.

In addition, Britemax Virtue contains very fine abrasives designed to gently remove light swirl marks and scratches, leaving behind semi-permanent fillers to create blemish free panels with a balanced, neutral finish. If you are looking for a product that can remove car swirl marks, or wondering how to prepare a car for ceramic coating, then look no further than Britemax Virtue.


How to use – Britemax's Quick Car Cleaning Tips:

By Machine:

  • Clean and dry surfaces.
  • Shake well.
  • Using a polishing / finessing buffing pad, dispense a liberal amount of product onto the desired surface and spread evenly using the face of the buffer pad.
  • Increase buffer speed and gradually reduce pressure.
  • Work areas to a desired finish.
  • Buff and remove dried residue with a clean, soft cloth.

By Hand

  • Shake well.
  • Apply a small amount to surface and rub in a circular motion with a polishing cloth or applicator.
  • Buff dried residue off with a separate clean, soft cloth.