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Britemax AIO Max One Step Cleaner, Polish and Polymer Wax
Britemax AIO Max One Step Cleaner, Polish and Polymer Wax
Britemax AIO Max One Step Cleaner, Polish and Polymer Wax

Britemax AIO Max One Step Car Wash Polish

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AIO Max One Step Cleaner, Polish and Polymer Wax

  • Cleans away old wax
  • Single application required
  • Apply by hand or machine polisher
  • Restores dull paint and minor oxidation
  • Lightly cleanses clear coats
  • Removes swirls and minor imperfections
  • Fortified with polymers and carnauba wax
  • Leaves a glossy and durable protective layer


AIO stands for 'All In One' – the expression fits Britemax AIO Max perfectly as it is an excellent all-rounder. Ideal for those looking to achieve quality results in a very short period of time, Britemax AIO Max is highly advanced yet extremely user-friendly. AIO Max is a single stage cleaning, polishing and waxing solution requiring just a single application to deliver noteworthy results. This car polish and wax has been formulated using the latest scientifically proven formulas – engineered with ad-vanced polymers and waxes.

Suitable for use on all paint types and colours, Britemax AIO Max firstly cleans away any old coating residue on surfaces – such as historical wax and embedded dirt. Next it sets to work removing light to medium swirl marks and minor surface imperfections. In addition it is capable of restoring paint which has dulled over time, returning its showroom sheen. Lightly cleansing clear coats – the protective layer that sits atop your paintwork (which can appear to peal in extreme circumstances), Britemax AIO Max can also reverse the effects of minor oxidation – where the paint underneath the clear coat has begun to suffer under exposure to the elements.

Britemax AIO Max also removes fine scratches, minor imperfections and unsightly swirl marks from your car. Tired, scratched and swirl marked paintwork is a major contributing factor in dating a vehicle's appearance, with these lessoned or entirely removed, several years can be wiped off the visual impression a vehicle makes. Fortified with polymers and carnauba wax, AIO Max leaves behind a glossy, tangible and durable protective layer, protecting surfaces from future harm. Carnauba wax is also known as Brazil or palm wax, in its natural state it is harvested from the leaves of a certain species of palm tree native to North-East Brazil, Britemax uses only the highest grade Brazilian carnauba wax.

Britemax AIO Max car polish and wax is a convenient time-saving one-step cleaner, requiring just a single application to achieve results, however, it is also effective when used as a second-step product on aged paint that has already been cleaned using an-other Britemax product such as Perfect Prep


How to use:

By Machine:

  • Shake well. Clean and dry all surfaces.
  • Dispense a liberal amount of product on to the desired surface, spread evenly and thinly using the face of the buffer pad.
  • Move buffer slowly using moderate pressure.
  • Let the product dry to a haze.
  • Remove dried residue with a clean dry soft cloth.

By Hand:

  • Shake well.
  • Apply with a soft applicator pad. Spread evenly and thinly.
  • Use a circular motion to apply.
  • Buff and remove dried residue with a separate clean soft cloth.

Keep product from temperature extremes. If the product becomes frozen allow to thaw and shake vigorously to reestablish consistency.

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