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So let's talk car paint protection. After working hard to wash, degrease, clean, decontaminate and polish its time to add a layer of protection. This would usually be a high-quality carnauba wax or a polymer sealant. A paint sealant historically mimics a wax's characteristics but is made from synthetic material as opposed to organic. However, more recent developments in detailing technology now offer ceramic-based sealants. Also known as ceramic coatings, silica, Quartz, Silicone-dioxide or SiO2. Britemax is pleased to provide all of these products in our range of paint protection products. Choose from Britemax Vantage Carnauba paste wax or Max Shine high gloss liquid car wax; Britemax Igneous, Amethyst or Obsidian Quartz ceramic coatings; Remax Hydrophobic Spray Sealant and our best seller Spray & Shine Premium QD (Quick Detailer) car detailing spray wax. Britemax advanced technology ceramic coatings offer lasting protection from dirt, chemicals, UV rays, harsh weather and other contaminants for up to four years. So whichever protection route you choose for your pride and joy Britemax has it covered.
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