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Is Ceramic Coating Good For Cars?

A lot of car owners are turning to Ceramic Coatings instead of wax these days. The ceramic coating offers great protection to the car's surface, particularly for cars that are used regularly and are not garaged.

The Britemax range of Quartz Ceramic Coating will give you lasting protection from dirt, chemicals, UV rays, harsh weather conditions and other contaminants. Our Igneous Quartz 9H Ceramic coating offers up to four years of protection, and our Amethyst Quartz 7H Ceramic Coating offers up to three years of protection.

Britemax Ceramic Car Coating is super hydrophobic, offers anti-corrosion protection and a deep, long-lasting gloss. Giving your car a ceramic coating also makes your vehicle easier to maintain.

Important, Britemax Quartz Ceramic Car Coating is a professional grade product, please ensure that you understand the application process before purchasing. A downloadable application guide can be found alongside the product details, or if you're not confident in applying yourself, use a Britemax Approved Ceramic Applicator such as R&R Detailing or Precision Porsche.
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