Rupes Bigfoot M8 Replacement Backing Plate 125mm

RUPES Bigfoot M8 125mm Replacement Backing Plate

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RUPES Bigfoot M8 Replacement Backing Plate 125mm

  • Direct Flow
  • Max 22,000 strokes / min
  • 125mm for 130mm / 5.5" pads
  • M8 thread
  • Designed for use with the LHR15 Bigfoot
  • Can also be used with the LHR21 Bigfoot
The Rupes backing plate is an essential element of the Bigfoot system. It is made of polyurethane foam that is particularly resistant to mechanical stress and balanced to reduce vibration significantly.

The holes in the backing pad create an airflow that dissipates heat and keeps the work surface at an acceptable temperature: 125mm, M8 fitment.