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Britemax Iron Max Wheel Cleaner & Iron Fallout Remover
Britemax Iron Max Wheel Cleaner & Iron Fallout Remover
Car Wheel Cleaner, Brake Dust Remover & Iron Fallout Remover
Car Wheel Cleaner, Brake Dust Remover & Iron Fallout Remover
Britemax Iron Max Wheel Cleaner & Iron Fallout Remover 1 Gallon

Britemax Iron Max Wheel Cleaner & Iron Fallout Remover

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Car Wheel Cleaner, Brake Dust Remover & Iron Fallout Remover

  • Removes brake dust and iron deposits
  • Safe on all wheel types
  • Acid-free
  • pH neutral
  • Non-corrosive
  • Colour changing formula
  • No nasty odours


Britemax Iron Max wheel cleaner safely and effectively removes brake dust and iron deposits without damaging surfaces. Acid-free and pH neutral, its non-corrosive formula makes it safe to use on all types of wheels including; alloy, painted, anodised, clear coated, chrome, aluminium and stainless steel. It is suitable for use on classic and modern cars, motorbikes, vans, commercial trucks, 4x4s and competition cars. Iron Max decontaminates and cleans wheels, bodywork and almost all other exterior surfaces such as glass and rubber, removing embedded road dirt, oil and iron deposits which can have lasting detrimental effects if left unattended.

Despite its ability to remove stubborn grime and iron fallout with ease, Iron Max contains no acids or caustic chemicals meaning it is safe to work with when removing brake dust from car wheels; it also emits no nasty odours like other car wheel cleaning products often do. Iron Max gets to work quickly changing colour as it comes into contact with iron particles and general road dirt, turning a spectacular reddish-purple shade, providing a visual indication of its effectiveness. Users can watch as Iron Max quickly displaces unwanted deposits and smoothly carries them away.

Iron Max iron fallout remover is a particularly relevant product for those who park their vehicles near railway lines, for example, those who live near a railway station or commuters who regularly park in a train station car park. Following repeated exposure, brake dust fallout from trains can dull car paintwork giving it an unwanted matt finish. Iron Max can be used as a decontamination tool, removing brake dust from car paint before permanent damage occurs. When using Iron Max as a decontaminant, Britemax recommends that users wash their car as usual before misting it with Iron Max and leaving it to interact with iron deposits, Iron Max will highlight any contaminants present by changing from clear to its signature reddish-purple – lastly, simply rinse the affected area with clean water.

Iron Max is also perfect for use as a lubricant with the chemically resistant Britemax Clay Bar, Britemax's professional-grade clay bar designed to remove organic and inorganic contaminants and iron particles bonded to your vehicle's surfaces.

A 24oz Iron Max spray bottle contains enough product to deep clean and decontaminate all four wheels and bodywork of even the largest vehicles.


How to use – Britemax's Quick Car Cleaning Tips:

    • Wash your vehicle normally using Britemax's complete range of car cleaning products. Allow any hot surfaces to cool.

    • Spray Britemax Iron Max onto the affected surface and allow to dwell – for best result apply neat. Watch Iron Max change colour as its fast-acting formula takes effect and begins removing iron particles and grime.

    • On wheels use a soft-bristled detailing brush to gently agitate and clean between spokes. On bodywork gently rub with a dampened sponge.

    • Rinse well with clean water and dry.



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