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Britemax AMETHYST QUARTZ Ceramic Car Coating Detailing Kit
Britemax AMETHYST QUARTZ Hydrophobic Ceramic Car Coating
Britemax AMETHYST QUARTZ Hydrophobic Ceramic Car Coating
Britemax AMETHYST QUARTZ Hydrophobic Ceramic Car Coating

Britemax AMETHYST QUARTZ Ceramic Car Coating Detailing Kit

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7H Hydrophobic Ceramic Car Coating Kit 

Everything you need to complete your Amethyst Quartz Application. Lasting Protection from Dirt, Chemicals, UV Rays, Harsh Weather and other Contaminants for up to Three Years!

  • Super-hydrophobic
  • Anti-corrosion protection
  • Deep, long-lasting gloss
  • Super durable 7H coating
  • UV and chemical protection
  • Boeing Aerospace tested and approved
  • Easy to maintain

 Amethyst Quartz is a professional grade product, please ensure that you understand the application process before purchasing this product. 

Britemax Amethyst Quartz is a professional grade ceramic car coating that provides a high-quality clear nano crystalline layer offering lasting protection for any vehicle. The durable coating afforded by Britemax Amethyst Quartz offers outstanding levels of gloss and super hydrophobic characteristics, repelling water, dirt, chemicals, UV rays and other contaminants – setting to a hardness that provides protection from harsh weather conditions and corrosion. Tested and approved by Boeing Aerospace, the world's largest aerospace company and a leading manufacturer of commercial aeroplanes, the durability of Amethyst Quartz assists in maintaining a perfect "liquid glass" finish. 

Amethyst Quartz applies a hard (7H hardness), durable coating that is two to three microns in thickness, imparting a deep reflective shine in the process. Though it is a professional grade product, Amethyst Quartz features a higher flash point than sister ceramic coating, Britemax Igneous Quartz. That means it provides more working time before curing, making it easier for more in-experienced detailing enthusiast to work with. Amethyst Quartz has been designed for use on top of clear coats, gel coats, plastics, vinyl, rubber, metal, chrome and glass surfaces. It is also safe for use on Paint Protection Film (PPF) where it helps to prevent discolouration.

Britemax Amethyst Quartz features a blend of durable resins that produce unparalleled levels of gloss and nano-tech quartz technology. Nano coatings fuse with the surface they treat to form a lasting, high gloss, protective layer capable of repelling water and offering protection from contaminants. Amethyst Quartz's use of this fascinating modern technology ensures that it is what industry experts term "super hydrophobic" – which in layman's terms means that it boasts 'next level' water-repelling characteristics. In dispelling water and harmful contaminants, a ceramic coating offers protection, the higher its hydrophobic qualities, the more capable it is at achieving that task.

Offering a thick layer of protection to surfaces, the tough hardness rating of Amethyst Quartz, 7H hardness, improves the scratch resistance of a vehicle's paint. The letter 'H' refers to the Pencil Hardness scale whereby 9H is the hardest possible grading, 9B being the softest. Please note, though that despite this reassuring level of protection, the correct care and maintenance is still required to ensure blemish-free surfaces.


How to use: 
Click for (PDF) application instructions.
Flash Point: 112-119 F (44-48 C)

Durability: Two to three years

What's Included

Includes the following:

1 x Britemax Amethyst Quartz 50ml
1 x Britemax Grime Out Degreaser 709ml
1 x Britemax Iron Max 709ml
1 x Britemax CLAYMAX Clay Bar Car Cleaning Clay
1 x Britemax Virtue Si02 Primer Car polish 473ml
1 x Britemax Pure Max pH Neutral Car Wash Shampoo 473ml
1 x Britemax Remax Si02 Hydrophobic Car Detailing Spray Sealant 709ml
1 x Britemax Branded Foam Applicator Block
10 x Black Disposable Suede Cloths
5 x Microfibre Cloths 16" x 16"