Britemax Car Detailing 'Vantage' Prep & Wax Kit

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Britemax Car Detailing 'Vantage' Prep & Wax Kit

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QD Spray, Polish & Carnauba Wax Detailing Kit

  • Easy On / Easy Off Formulation
  • Brazilian #1 Grade Carnauba
  • Fortified with Polymers
  • Superb Durability
  • Scented with Coconut Oils
  • Swirl & Oxidation Removal
  • Lubricated, Fast-acting Abrasive Cut


The Britemax Vantage Prep & Wax Kit includes everything you need for outstanding Shine & Protection. Start by using Britemax Black Max, followed by Vantage, use Spray & Shine for top-up and in-between maintenance...

Britemax Black Max is the best car polish for those looking to achieve a showroom-style mirror shine on their vehicle. Britemax's original polymer-based ultra fine polish, Black Max has been formulated to quickly and effectively remove from paintwork micro swirl marks, unpleasant oxidation and light to medium scratches – such as those fine lines most noticeable in direct sunlight, improving the bonding process and heightening the durability. Black Max can be applied either by hand or machine polisher.

Carnauba wax has become widely accepted as the best car wax for achieving a show-room finish on any vehicle. Britemax Vantage is a premium grade carnauba wax suitable for all paint types and colours except flat, matte or satin paint finishes it delivers an unbeatable high gloss wet-look finish with depth and durability. Above all, it affords your paintwork unrivalled protection from dirt, road grime, scratches and even stone chips.

A best-selling Britemax product, Britemax Spray & Shine is a quick detailing spray that should be every car enthusiast's 'go-to' bottle for achieving fast and easy results in a range of situations. Suitable for use on all painted surfaces, clear-coats, plastics and metals, Britemax Spray & Shine is an ideal 'top-up' product for use between more intensive car cleaning sessions. Leaving a fabulous wet-look shine thanks to its formula fortified with wax, Spray & Shine can wipe away unsightly marks such as dust, fingerprints and water-spots from surfaces quickly and effortlessly leaving a streak-free finish once dry. 

What's Included

1 x Britemax Vantage Paste Wax 236ml
1 x Britemax Black Max Ultra Fine Polishing Glaze 473ml
1 x Britemax Spray & Shine Premium Detailing Spray 709ml
1 x White Wax Applicator
1 x Blue Product Applicator (not shown)
3 x Super Plush Microfiber Cloths 16" x 16"