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Britemax Final Shine Car Metal Polish & Metal Sealant
Britemax Final Shine Car Metal Polish & Metal Sealant
Britemax Final Shine Car Metal Polish & Metal Sealant
Britemax Final Shine Car Metal Polish & Metal Sealant

Britemax Final Shine Car Metal Polish & Metal Sealant

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Fine Metal Polish and Metal Sealant

  • Quickly brightens and seals metal surfaces
  • Removes light to medium stains
  • Provides a long-lasting protective shine
  • Leaves no stubborn residue
  • Can be applied to warm metals even in direct sunlight
  • Easy application and removal


Britemax Final Shine is a rust remover formulated to remove light oxidation and light to medium staining from bare metal, chrome and stainless steel surfaces. Final Shine can clean rusty surfaces, leaving them with a like-new mirror-polished finish. Final Shine imparts a protective resin polymer seal, this sealant affords metals protection from the elements (such as moisture, washing solvents, road grime and salt) together with dirt, providing a barrier to stop the build-up of rust in future.

Britemax Final Shine has a similar chemical formula to its sibling product, Britemax Easy Cut; it differs by replacing Easy Cut's dramatic cleaning power with the ability to impart a tangible, tough protective layer. Designed to create a show standard of finish, Final Shine continues to protect metal surfaces for months after application even when exposed to the harshest of environmental elements.
Thanks to Britemax Final Shine's non-binding user-friendly nature it is extremely easy to work with, the application can take place on warm surfaces – such as exhausts, wheels, engine parts or britework – and it can even be applied in direct sunlight.
For best results allow Final Shine to dry completely. When the residue is wiped away expect dramatic results with polished aluminium suddenly looking like chrome. For even more spectacular results try multiple applications of Final Shine as required.

Britemax recommends that the application and removal of Final Shine are preceded with Britemax Easy Cut – the brand's complimentary deep cleansing metal polish. Britemax Easy Cut and Britemax Final Shine are affectionately known as the "Metal Twins" because they complement one another so effectively when used in tandem. As such, the two metal polishes are also sold in a handy twin pack [HOTLINK]. Please note that Final Shine is not for use on plated or anodized metal surfaces.


How to use – Britemax's Quick Car Cleaning Tips:

  • Shake well before and during use to ensure all solids have been released from the bottom of the container.
  • Apply small amounts of Final Shine to a soft cloth – for best application use an old rag or terry cloth (can also be used with steel wool) – and apply to surface with light to medium pressure. Only small amounts are required. On metals such as aluminium, brass or copper rub until product turns black. On chrome or stainless steel rub until stains disappear.
  • Allow product dry to a greyish haze.
  • With a clean towel or microfibre cloth completely remove surface residue.
  • Repeat as needed to obtain maximum shine.
  • Follow up with additional applications of Final Shine as necessary for best results.

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