Britemax OBSIDIAN QUARTZ Ceramic Trim Restorer 50ml
Applying Britemax OBSIDIAN QUARTZ Ceramic Trim Restorer
Britemax OBSIDIAN QUARTZ Ceramic Trim Restorer with Applicator
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Britemax OBSIDIAN QUARTZ Ceramic Trim Restorer

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Ceramic Car Bumper & Trim Restorer

Repels Water, Dirt, Road Grime and other Contaminants for up to One Year!

Britemax OBSIDIAN QUARTZ Ceramic Trim Restorer 50ml 

  • Professional grade 4H coating
  • Darkens plastic trim
  • Repels rain and grime
  • Excellent on both plastic and rubber trim
  • Super-hydrophobic water beading
  • 12-months protection


PLEASE NOTE: Obsidian Quartz is a professional use product, please read and make sure you understand the application process before purchasing. 

Britemax Obsidian Quartz ceramic coating has been formulated to restore car trim, leaving vehicle plastics darkened and looking 'like new' with a striking satin, semi-gloss appearance. The clear, nanocrystalline coating offers protection against the elements, such as wind, rain and UV rays which cause fading and oxidisation. Furthermore, Obsidian Quartz's super hydrophobic water beading properties repel water, dirt, road grime and other contaminants for up to 12 months. Britemax Obsidian Quartz can be used on plastic wing mirror casings, wiper cowls, bumper inserts, engine covers, arch linings – in fact, Obsidian Quartz will produce dramatic results on any exterior plastic or rubber trim part. The best plastic car trim restorer, Britemax Obsidian Quartz wipes years from the appearance of any vehicle.

Offering a professional grade ceramic coating to surfaces, Britemax Obsidian Quartz boasts a protective hardness factor of 4H. The letter 'H' refers to the Pencil Hardness scale whereby 9H is the hardest possible grading, 9B being the softest. Please note, though that despite this reassuring level of protection, the correct care and maintenance is still required to ensure blemish-free surfaces.

The term hydrophobic literally translated the means 'water-fearing' – it describes the separation of water from nonpolar substances. In terms of washing cars, this means it minimises the ability of water to cling to vehicle surfaces. Cars with a hydrophobic coating benefit from water beading quickly and smoothly off their surfaces rather than collecting on them – which is known as hydrophilic. Ultimately surfaces with a hydrophobic coating will repel water, enabling them to stay cleaner for longer. Britemax Obsidian Quartz imparts a hydrophobic coating to any trim parts it treats.

The application of Britemax Obsidian Quartz is best following an intensive wash and treatment with Britemax Grime Out degreaser; the application process should take place indoors. Once applied, the longer the product is left to harden the better, it is recommended to leave treated surfaces for up to 24-hours. Britemax Obsidian Quartz includes one Britemax branded foam applicator block and five black disposable suede cloths; all should not be reused following application.  


How to use:

Click for (PDF) application instructions.

Use gloves. Always replace the lid. Obsidian Quartz reacts with the moisture in the air, and if there is prolonged exposure to the atmosphere, the coating will begin to cure within the bottle – viscosity changes are the best evidence of this happening.
1) Scrub plastic and vinyl surfaces clean to remove all traces of oils, ingrained dirt and any previously applied dressings using Britemax Grime Out cleaner and degreaser first, rinse well and allow to dry thoroughly.

2) Working in-doors (ambient conditions must be above 5- and ideally below 24-degrees) apply coatings of Britemax Obsidian Quartz via lint-free, suede-wrapped foam applicator block (supplied) – using care, wipe the applicator block onto the trim area using even pressure across the surface ensuring a uniform appearance. Run a few beads of product onto the suede-wrapped block and ensure even saturation. Remove immediately from any painted surfaces using a clean microfibre cloth.

3) Allow trim to fully cure for 24-hours, avoiding all exposure to moisture.

4) Discard all used suede applicator cloths and any microfibre cloths after use.

What's Included

Includes the following:

1x Britemax OBSIDIAN QUARTZ 50ml

1 x Britemax Branded Foam Applicator Block

10 x Black Disposable Suede Cloths