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Britemax Vantage Premium Carnauba Car Wax
Britemax Vantage Premium Carnauba Car Wax
Britemax Vantage Premium Carnauba Car Wax
Britemax Vantage Premium Carnauba Car Wax

Britemax Vantage Premium Carnauba Car Wax

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Carnauba Car Wax Paste Wax

Britemax Vantage Car Paste Wax 236ml

  • Formulated for easy application/removal
  • Brazilian No.1 Grade Carnauba wax
  • Fortified with polymers
  • Superb durability
  • Scented with coconut oils

Carnauba wax has become widely accepted as the best car wax for achieving a show-room finish on any vehicle. Britemax Vantage is a premium grade carnauba wax suitable for all paint types and colours except flat, matte or satin paint finishes it delivers an unbeatable high gloss wet-look finish with depth and durability. Above all, it affords your paintwork unrivalled protection from dirt, road grime, scratches and even stone chips.

Carnauba wax is also known as Brazil or palm wax, in its natural state it is harvested from the leaves of a certain species of palm tree native to North-East Brazil. Dried leaves are beaten to loosen the wax which, in its purest form, appears as hard yellow-ish flakes. These natural carnauba wax flakes are then refined and blended with polymers to create the wax paste used for cars. Britemax uses only the highest grade Brazilian carnauba wax, blended with carefully considered fortifying polymers and scented with coconut oils to create Britemax Vantage.

Britemax Vantage can be used as a finishing wax, or it can be used as a standalone protection or used over the top of a product such as Britemax Black Max ultra fine polish or Britemax Virtue high gloss primer polish. For the best results, it is recommended to apply Britemax Vantage to clean and polished paintwork; reapplication is advised every three to four months or as required. Britemax Pure Max Car Shampoo is the best car shampoo to use between applications. Britemax Spray & Shine Premium Detailing Spray is also a complimentary product for use between applications, helping vehicles to display that prized 'just-waxed' wet-look shine.

Britemax Vantage carnauba wax is best applied by hand rather than machine tool, whereas Britemax Max Shine should be applied via machine polisher – though personal preference plays a part. Contemporary waxes such as Britemax Vantage can be used sparingly, working a single panel at a time using a soft, clean, lint-free cloth, microfibre cloth or foam applicator. The natural carnauba wax in Britemax Vantage lends a deep, warm shine to paintwork, enriching darker colours and providing hydrophobic qualities to surfaces. It is possible to layer Britemax Vantage for added depth and show level of finish.


How to use:

  • Apply a thin and even coat of Britemax Vantage one section at a time to clean and prepared paintwork using a dry, soft cloth, or foam applicator. Not for use on flat, matte or satin paint finishes.
  • Allow product to cure for 10-15 mins before removing haze with a fresh microfibre cloth.
  • Multiple layers can be applied for improved coverage, durability, gloss and shine. Keep the lid on and store in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight.

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