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Britemax Pure Max pH Neutral Car Wash Shampoo
Britemax Pure Max pH Neutral Car Wash Shampoo TRADE
Britemax Pure Max pH Neutral Car Wash Shampoo
Britemax Pure Max pH Neutral Car Wash Shampoo 473ml
Britemax Pure Max pH Neutral Car Wash Shampoo Group. Best shampoo for ceramic coated cars

Britemax Pure Max pH Neutral Car Wash Shampoo

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    Car Shampoo for Ceramic Coated Cars

    • Highly Concentrated (up to 1:2000)
    • Wax and Sealant Safe
    • High Foaming Solution
    • High Gloss Finish
    • pH Neutral Biodegradable
    • Paraben and SLS Free
    • Wax and Polymer Free

    An essential product in Britemax's complete car cleaning range, Pure Max Car Shampoo has been specially formulated to keep your car shining between washes. Tough on road grime and dirt but gentle on any protective layers already in place on your car's surfaces, Pure Max Car Shampoo retains the valuable water-repelling characteristics added by specialist waxes, sealants or ceramic coatings. Many car shampoos contain harmful oils, polymers or waxes which strip your vehicle's exterior of its protective coatings, by retaining the hydrophobic properties of these products Pure Max Car Shampoo ensures metals, glass and plastics remain shielded from damaging contaminants.

    This makes Pure Max Car Shampoo the perfect choice for vehicles with a ceramic coating. Taking the form of a high foam solution with unbeatable cleaning power, Pure Max Car Shampoo can be applied using either the traditional bucket and sponge method or via a high-pressure snow foam lance for maximum coverage. Generating a thick lather solution, Pure Max lifts dirt from the surface of your vehicle safely carrying it away from bodywork, leaving no residue behind. Despite being free from waxes and polymers, Pure Max Car Shampoo leaves a high gloss finish which makes it perfect for regular car washing between occasional major detailing sessions, after which users might want to apply one of Britemax's polishing or protection follow on treatments.

    Pure Max Car Shampoo is both biodegradable and pH neutral, importantly it is also free from harmful parabens and Sodium Lauryl Sulfates (SLS). Thousands of everyday products from moisturisers to soft drinks contain parabens, toxicology experts have linked the chemical compound to damaging health issues, while SLSs are commonly known to cause eye and skin irritations. In being free from these substances, Pure Max Car Shampoo ensures it is safe for all users – making it as delicate on your skin as it is on your car.



    Britemax's Quick Car Cleaning Tips:

      • First, rinse the vehicle with water or use Pure Max Car Shampoo with a high-pressure snow foam lance to help loosen dirt.

      • Pour the indicated ratio of Pure Max Car Shampoo into a clean bucket adjusting accordingly for water type and personal preference (with soft filtered water this may be as little as 1:2000).

      • Use a wash mitt or sponge to wash the vehicle from top to bottom, rinsing the cleaning implement frequently.

      • Rinse the vehicle with water.

      • Finally, dry using a Britemax UberMax Incredible Drying Towel




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