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Lake Country Hydro-Tech Low Profile Foam Pads
Lake Country Hydro-Tech Low Profile Foam Pads Blue
Lake Country Hydro-Tech Low Profile Foam Pads Tangerine
Lake Country Hydro-Tech Low Profile Foam Pads Crimson

Lake Country Hydro-Tech Low Profile Foam Pads

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Hydro-Tech Flat Low Profile Foam Pads

  • Size is 5.5" x 7/8" (140mm x 24mm)
  • European pre-polymer foam
  • Flat low profile design
  • High strength, tear-resistant foam
  • Engineered for water-based polishes
  • For use with both Rotary & DA Machines

Polish and restore your vehicle with precision using Lake Country Hydro-Tech foam pads. These pads are low profile pads and made from European pre-polymer foam that prolongs the working time of water-based polishes and compounds. The slim flat profile makes these pads ideal for buffing hard, scratch-resistant paint finishes.

Hydro-tech foam pads made with high-quality hook & loop backing. These pads work with a 125mm (5") hook and loop backing plate.

The pad's size is perfect for use with both a rotary and random orbital (DA) polishers. The flat pad helps maintain full contact with the paint surface but with enough flexibility to hug the curves and contours of your vehicle.

Which Pad?

The CYAN foam pad is designed for compounding and swirl removal. The closed-cell pre-polymer foam restores oxidised and heavily swirled paint. While being coarse, the cyan pad can finish with no marring and can almost achieve wax-ready results in one step.

The TANGERINE foam pad is designed for light to moderate defect removal and polishing. Cutting power is just below that of the Lake Country Orange CCS light cutting pad. Use with finishing polishes to create a deep gloss.

The CRIMSON foam pad is designed to apply waxes, glazes and sealants in flawless even coats without causing swirls. The soft foam has a very light polishing effect making it an excellent choice for cleaner waxes and all in one polishes.