Long Handled Pad Cleaning Detail Brush

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Long Handled Pad Cleaning Detail Brush

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Long Handled Pad Cleaning Detail Brush 180mm

  • Long-handled detail brush
  • Easy to use 'finger grip' plastic handle
  • Stiff nylon bristles
  • Superb for pad conditioning & cleaning
  • Durable construction for regular usage
Toothbrush style detailing brush ideal for many detailing tasks, including foam pad conditioning.

Foam polishing pads can often become stiff and 'caked' with polish - use this brush to gently condition the pad by holding the brush on the pad while it spins, work from the centre outwards. The 'finger grip' plastic handle allows you to easily grip this brush.

Can also be used as a general detailing brush and is especially handy when working around leather stitching, dashboards, consoles, seat crevices, fabric seats, trim pieces and more.