Tolco #320 White standard Spray Head

Tolco #320 White Standard Spray Head

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White Standard Spray Head 9.25" Tube

  • 40% greater output per stroke
  • Rubber piston cup extends life
  • Three-finger trigger
  • Fits 32oz handi-hold type bottles
  • 1.4ml per stroke
  • Extra-large spray pattern
  • Adjustable nozzle - fine mist to a jet

Up to 40% greater output per stroke significantly reduces the number of times you pull the trigger. Rubber piston cup extends the life and provides broader chemical resistance while the outer body protects piston assembly from damage during use and storage.

High output and an extra-large spray pattern make quick work of any job. Three-finger trigger and rear support make extended use more comfortable. 1.4 ml per stroke. Extra-large spray pattern.