Tolco #320CR Grey Chemical Resistant Spray Head

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Tolco #320CR Grey Chemical Resistant Spray Head

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Grey Chemical Resistant Spray Head 9.25" Tube

  • 40% greater output per stroke
  • Toughened internals
  • Withstands harsh chemicals
  • Three-finger trigger
  • 1.4ml per stroke
  • Long-lasting durability
  • Fits 32oz handi-hold type bottles
  • Extra-large spray pattern
  • Adjustable nozzle - fine mist to a jet

Resistant to aggressive solvents and chemicals which typically shorten the life of a standard sprayer.

Synthetic O-ring and piston cup holds up against the harshest of chemicals. High output and extra-large spray pattern makes quick work of any job. Three-finger trigger and rear support make extended use more comfortable.

This sprayer comes with a 9.25" tube so is suitable for use 32oz hand-hold bottles.