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Rupes LHR21 Bigfoot Mark II 230v DA Polisher

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Rupes LHR21 Bigfoot Mark II 230v DA Polisher 21mm orbit

  • OPM Speed: 2500 to 4700
  • Power: 500 Watt
  • Weight of tool: 5.73 lbs
  • Orbit Stroke Length: 21mm
  • Length of machine: 14.5 inches
  • 6" backing plate included
  • 1 year back to base warranty
  • 230v - UK 3 pin plug

The next generation of Rupes Bigfoot polishers is here - The Rupes LHR21 Bigfoot Mark II DA Polisher. Built with everything that made the original Rupes Bigfoot one of the best, the new Rupes Bigfoot Mark II series are going to blow you away. Correct your paint faster and more efficiently than ever before. With improvements made to both the body, chassis, and motor, the Rupes LHR21 Mark II provides 30% more efficiency than the original machines, making correcting your paint smoother than ever before.

The Rupes Bigfoot LHR15 Mark II has the same, extra-large 21 millimetre throw as the original LHR21, making correcting paint something you’ll want to do for hours. The smooth experience is what you’ve been waiting for. Improvements made to the body of the tool feature a stronger, reinforced housing. This new housing helps to protect the insides of the new machine.

Also new on the Rupes Bigfoot LHR21 Mark II are rubber inserts INSIDE the tool that improve the handling and provide a better level of comfortability while inuse. The new rubber tool rest on top of the machine allows you to set the polisher down pad-up and not contaminate either your pad or the paint you’re working on.

Now to the information we’ve been looking for: the new Rupes Bigfoot LHR21 Mark11 motor specs. The LHR21 Mark 11 does feature a higher starting OPM (2500 compared to the original LHR15’s 2000), giving it a little more power and torque to the buffing pad. The 500 watt power draw is the same, but the LHR21 Mark II feels a little more powerful.

If you’ve been looking around and wanting to upgrade your current polisher collection, the new Rupes Bigfoot LHR21 Mark II is just what you’ve been waiting for.

Machine only option, includes backing plate.

Customer reviews
Shopping Satisfaction
Shopping Satisfaction
Having read the reviews was expecting the Bigfoot 21 to be good, now after spending a full weekend, compounding, polishing and waxing one of my car (the least valuable and the lest looked after..) I can report superb results. I took a sad looking 9 year old car, that has spent it's entire life outside, into a shiny almost new looking automobile that I admire every time I pass it on the drive!
Kenneth Y.