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Solution Finish Trim Restorer Black 354ml (12oz)

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Solution Finish Trim Restorer Black 354ml (12oz)
Solution Finish Black Trim Restorer  354ml (12oz)

  • Bumpers, Pads & Trim
  • Mirrors
  • Mud Flaps
  • Seals
  • Running Boards
  • Truck Bed Caps & Covers
  • Handles & Wiper Blades
  • Also available in smaller 1oz bottles

Solution Finish is an incredible new product that restores originally black surfaces to a deep, rich black without the usual horrid 'wet look' shine that also dries quickly with no greasy residue. The unique formula utilizes advanced polymer technology to provide a spectacular long-lasting, black protective finish.

Formulated for professional use, it's a silicone-free solution that uses all natural oils and is VOC compliant. Solution Finish Black Trim Restorer was developed by professionals for professionals. It is formulated using only the finest ingredients that you don't usually find in mass-produced, over the counter products.

Solution Finish is ideal for restoring, conditioning and protecting any originally black surfaces, such as; Bumpers, pads and trim, Mirrors, Mud flaps, Seals, Running boards, Truck bed, caps and covers, Handles and wiper blades.

If it's made of black plastic or vinyl, Solution Finish will make it look better than new! It doesn't just restore black surfaces - it gives them a rich, dark finish. Treated surfaces feel clean, not greasy. That's great news for door handles and running boards.

Durability ultimately depends on many factors including the quality, grain & texture of the plastic trim being treated, expect 6-8 months on first application and 12 month plus on additional applications. The 12oz bottle is enough product for up to 36 complete vehicles.

How to apply. For best results thoroughly clean surface first with Grime Out. Apply Solution Finish to your clean, dry, cool surface in the shade. Wear gloves and eye protection. Shake bottle well and apply a small amount to applicator pad or microfiber sponge. Spread a thin coat over area in an even motion, covering area completely. Allow solution to penetrate for 1-2 minutes. No masking required, but be sure to remove any solution from painted surafces (if allowed to dry, use diluted Grime Out to remove). Use a clean microfiber cloth to buff off excess, stand back and admire the results! Allow to fully cure for at least four hours before getting restored trim wet. 
Customer reviews
Excellent product. Will require more than 1 coat depending upon fade.
Superb product.
Superb. Easy to use and the results are tremendous; well worth the money.
Top product of its kind I have found anywhere!!!